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Career Opportunities
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    Part Time Position
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    Serving Staff-in-Training
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    Serving Staff
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    Store Assistant Manager
  • step06
    Store Manager
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    Regional Manager
Employee Benefits
  • Social Insurance
    Social Insurance
    We provide 5-in-1 social insurance package.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Group Insurance
    Group Insurance
    Additionally, we also provide accidental insurance for our team members.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time Employee
  • Holiday Bonus
    Holiday Bonus
    We provide bonuses during the Mid-Summer Festival and Autumn Festival holidays.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Gift for Elder Family Member
    Gift for Elder Family Member
    During the holidays, additional gifts to elder family members will be offered as our appreciations.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Quarterly Employee Performance Bonus
    Quarterly Employee Performance Bonus
    The quarterly bonus is based on scores evaluated by the performance matrices.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Annual Bonus
    Annual Bonus
    The bonus will be offered before the Lunar New Year based on the annual performance.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Store Performance Bonus
    Store Performance Bonus
    This bonus is distributed monthly based on the store’s sale performance.
    Full-Time Employee
  • Product Voucher
    Product Voucher
    The vouchers can be used for all our drinks at the stores.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time Employee
  • Physical Exam
    Physical Exam
    We sponsor biennial physical exams for our employees.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Transparent Promotion Evaluation Process
    Transparent Promotion Evaluation Process
    The evaluations take place quarterly for store team members and annually for office staffs. Promotions will be provided for those who qualified.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Comprehensive Training and Career Development
    Comprehensive Training and Career Development
    We provide the complete package for career path developments as well as on-the-job training programs.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Team-Building Activity and Group Travel
    Team-Building Activity and Group Travel
    The team building exercises and group travels are arranged regularly.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Overtime Compensation
    Overtime Compensation
    Allocated according to the actual overtime hours.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Educational Reimbursement
    Educational Reimbursement
    For those with more than one year employment will be eligible for application. Upon approval, the applicant will receive partial to full tuition reimbursements.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Other Reimbursement
    Other Reimbursement
    Other reimbursement items include business travels and overseas collaboration assignments, etc.
    Part-Time EmployeeFull-Time EmployeeOffice Staff
  • Overseas Career Opportunity
    Overseas Career Opportunity
    We offer the overseas entrepreneurs opportunities to our qualified team members, subject to the market development situations.
    Full-Time EmployeeOffice Staff